About Us:

The Cajun Gardener was founded for the purpose of creating an all-in-one gardening experience on the web like having the weather, plant information, blogs, forums, providing services, Q&A, buying plants and seeds, purchasing gifts, and more. 


If you would like to contribute, you can contact us and/or click the Contribute link below to donate. 100% of contributions will go toward enhancing and adding to the site. Also , a fund will be started to go toward starting community projects like school gardens and community gardens. Thank you for checking us out and new material will be constantly added.

Our Vision:​

To have everyone become expert gardeners and have a place to come to for all their needs.

Our Mission:

To develop a community and tools to meet all the needs of any gardener. 

The Team

Family Owned and Operated

Founder - Chris Trahan

Born and raised in Lafayette, La, Chris has 14 years experience in the green industry. He exibits passion in all areas including growing, managing a nursery, and landscaping. His passion extends also to spending time with his wife, Jennifer, and 4 girls.

Executive Assistant & Administrator- Jennifer Trahan

Jennifer is from Corpus Christi, Texas and has

over 20 years experience in the administrative

and educational fields. She is commited to excellence

in everything she does, not only in the workplace, but at home with her husband and 4 girls.

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