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Landscape design &


  • Designs for new landscapes and existing

  • Designs for container gardening and vegetable gardens.

  • Designs for vertical gardening

  • Designs for hardscapes such as gravel, flagstone, etc.

  • Landscape lighting

plant search & identification

  • Identify plants, shrubs, and trees through e-mail or on-site.

  • Find specific plants of your choice and delivers.

  • Answer questions on plant growth, light requirements, blooming periods, suitability for the are, ect.

Insect,disease & weed control

  • Identify insects and diseases on plants and in soil

  • Identify common weeds and their growth habits

  • Resolves issues with specific chemicals according to problem

  • Organic solutions available

Maintaining & Fertilizing

  • Grass cutting

  • Planting&mulching

  • Specific fertilizers for plant needs

  • Schedule for trimming and fertilizing throughout the year

  • Solutions to keep your landscape looking its best year round.

  • Maintain and replace indoor plants to include home, office and businesses

The Cajun Gardener will cater to all of your needs. We will answer all questions, resolve all issues and coordinate all services. Contact us to schedule an appointment and to get a quote on services.

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